by Disfare

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released November 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Disfare Jakarta, Indonesia

pv/grindcore punk from Jakarta, Indonesia

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Track Name: Greed
Greed of power, in their hand
Judgement through the force of fund
You're a slave of their poewer

You were made to suffer
And then left for dead

Greed of power, in their hand
Never give us room to breathe

Falling hard without end, dragged us down deep in the shit
Win the hearts of the nation, the efforts on exterminate
Superior species with inferior ideas

Feel my hate for you
Track Name: Abused
rape another children you make me sick, ripping you apart is now all i seek.

hollow faces mentally murdered,
humans are fucking vile.
trapped inside a room of vicious,
there is no excuse.

rape another children you're so disgusted, hiding by a words you betray for a lust. your mind is dead

forced to obey
forced to be silent,
brought to the darkness,
never hope or choice.

dragged up fucked up,
is this all they worth?